Gaia Data Release 3: Contents, Access, Use and a GaiaDR4 look ahead

Topic: Galactic and Stellar Astrophysics

Session Title: Gaia Data Release 3: Contents, Access, Use and a GaiaDR4 look ahead


The ESA Gaia mission is creating a 3-D map of over two billion stars in our Milky Way.  Gaia Data Release 3 ( was issued June 2022, the focussed product release in Oct 2023 with the next major fourth data release to follow not before the end of 2025.

Our parallel session will provide an update on the status of the Gaia mission, an overview of the Gaia DR3 catalogue contents including scientific quality and practical information on how to handle and access them from the Gaia archive for science research. Information will also be given on the use of the Gaia:UK data mining platform that is currently being rolled out and will provide powerful capabilities in user access and manipulation of the bulk Gaia data. Our NAM session will also include a presentation giving an update on the data content that will be included in the upcoming Gaia Data Release 4. This will for the first time include full epoch data (astrometry, photometry, spectro-photometry and spectroscopy) for close to 2 billion objects.


Organiser(s): Nicholas Walton (IoA, Cambridge), / Giorgia Busso (IoA, Cambridge) / Nigel Hambly (IfA, Edinburgh) / Nick Rowell (IfA, Edinburgh) / George Seabroke (MSSL, UCL)/ Mark Taylor (Bristol)


Session 1: Monday 15th July, 09:00 – 11:00

Session 2: Monday 15th July, 15:00 – 17:00