NAM 5-a-side Football

NAM Football

NAM 5-a-side will take place on Tuesday 16th July 2024.

The famous five-a-side football tournament is back at NAM2024! The tournament will take place on the University’s sports ground, shortly after 18:00 on Tuesday 16th July. The event should be finished by 21:00. Four pitches have been booked at the sport center in the Hull campus. We invite interested teams to contact as soon as possible so that a tournament schedule may be drawn up. 

Should you wish to register a team, you may do so by contacting us at  with the subject line “NAM2024 @ soccer team <team_name>”. If you already have a team, please add also a contact email, in case we need to provide specific info about this. If you would like to play but you do not have a team, please send a message with subject line “NAM2024 @ soccer request”, and we will try our best to find a team for you.

Information for players: The recommended footwear would be ‘astro-boots’ or trainers rather than full stud boots.