MIST Open Session

Topic: Solar Physics

Session Title: MIST Open Session

Description: The UK MIST (Magnetospheric, Ionospheric, and Solar-Terrestrial) community investigates the physics of the Sun-Earth system, and the plasma environments of other solar system bodies. This includes study of the solar wind, planetary magnetospheres, ionospheres, thermospheres, and mesospheres, and the coupling of these regions. A wide range of techniques is used for the study of these environments, including: the operation of satellite and ground-based instruments and analysis of their datasets; theoretical calculations; simulations and numerical experiments; machine learning and other cutting edge modelling approaches. MIST research covers both the understanding of the fundamental physical processes which govern these complex and dynamic interactions, as well as the resultant Space Weather effects. We welcome contributions from all MIST disciplines discussing the latest results, from global system-scale dynamics and climatological timescales, down to gyroscope processes.

Organiser(s): MIST Council


Session 1: Wednesday 17th July, 09:00 – 11:00

Session 2: Wednesday 17th July, 15:00 – 17:00