Observations and modelling of small-scale transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere

Topic: Solar Physics

Session Title: Observations and modelling of small-scale transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere


The solar atmosphere is host to myriad small-scale, energetic, transient phenomena. Spicules, jets, campfires, brightenings, quiet sun/network flares, etc., all materialise in and permeate the photosphere, chromosphere and transition region. These events are often elusive and difficult to detect/track, particularly on scales nearing resolution limits of current instruments. However, there are as many sophisticated detection, modelling, and observational techniques developed within the solar physics research community as there are types of transient events. As filtering, AI and machine learning techniques also improve, the wealth of knowledge concerning these detections continues to grow. Determining the underlying physical mechanisms behind these events is crucial to our understanding of the complexities of the solar atmosphere. Additionally, the criteria by which these phenomena are defined is subjective, leading to difficulties in cross-referencing previous research; how exactly do we differentiate between Ellerman and IRIS bombs? What’s the difference between campfires, microflares, or ‘brightenings’? If there is a discussion to be had regarding conclusive criteria for categorising these phenomena, then this session can provide an adequate environment to do so. Cross-disciplinary and cross-instrumental research will be of great utility in the analysis of small-scale events, whereby modelling techniques may be combined with the multitude of both space- and ground-based instruments – such as IRIS, AIA, Hinode, EIS, Solar Orbiter, SST, etc. – particularly regarding multi-thermal events and those involved in significant energy transfer. Inter-instrumental research discussions may also yield previously unexplored methods for overcoming resolution limitations.
The aim of this session, therefore, is to connect researchers studying a range of small-scale transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere and to discuss recent advances in modelling, observational and theoretical results. Major goals of this session are to; share detection and modelling techniques, discuss current hurdles in these endeavours, encourage collaboration, and to examine the properties of these small-scale transient events.

Organiser(s): Llŷr Dafydd Humphries, Patrick Antolin, Iain Hannah


Session 1: Thursday 18th July, 09:00 – 11:00