Dynamos, Dynamics and Activity Cycles in the Sun and Stars

Topic: Solar Physics

Session Title: Dynamos, Dynamics and Activity Cycles in the Sun and Stars


As the Sun approaches the maximum of Solar Cycle 25 interest is growing concerning when the cycle will peak and how active the Sun will be when it does. This session will focus on solar and stellar activity cycles, the dynamo processes that drive them, their interaction with helio/asteroseismic diagnostics, our ability to predict how future cycles will evolve and the implication of the current cycle on our understanding of previous solar cycles. We will also consider the consequences of varying activity cycles on orbiting planets, including Earth. We welcome contributions from helio- and asteroseismologists as well as dynamo modellers and those interested in the long-term evolution of solar and extra-solar magnetic activity cycles.


Rachel Howe (Birmingham)
Anne-Marie Broomhall (Warwick)
Mathew Owens (Reading)
Paul Bushby (Newcastle)


Session 1: Friday 19th July, 14:00 – 16:00