The mm/submm sky – achievements and future prospects

Topic: Observatory Communities

Session Title: The mm/submm sky – achievements and future prospects

Description: The UK has been a leader in mm/submm astronomy from the very earliest days of the field, and still plays a leading role in observations and technological developments in this waveband. Current and future observational developments in this band are in an interesting state, with the LMT finally reaching its full potential, new instrumentation being planned for JCMT, UK EHT access via the JCMT, upgrades being developed for ALMA, and plans being developed for the new 50m class AtLAST telescope. Other developments include first light at the Simons Observatory which, as well as observing the CMB, will provide a new window onto the transient universe at mm wavelengths. This session will examine the state of the art in mm/submm observations and instrumentation, the scientific results they have brought, and will look to the future of the field in light of the recent community mm/submm astronomy consultation report, and also potential synergies with a future far-infrared space mission.


Dave Clements, Julie Wardlow, Kate Pattle, Mark Booth, Matt Griffin, Stephen Eales, Dimitra Rigopoulou, Andrew Blain


Session 1: Tuesday 16th July, 09:00 – 11:00